Bottling guide for keeping Essential Oils at their potent best

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts obtained mostly through distillation.

The potent essence has made it everywhere. From the culinary and cosmetic world to aromatherapy and alternative medicine.

In 2018, the essential oil industry was estimated at $7.03 billion and is estimated to gain exponential growth in the coming years to become $14.6 billion by 2026.

One key element that determines one’s success in the highly competitive essential oil business is the bottling of the product.

It is essential to maintain impeccable bottling standards to –

  • Maintain the physical and chemical integrity of the volatile oil
  • Shield it from environmental factors like oxygen and sunlight
  • Control the quantity dispensed during use
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3 things to keep in mind while picking essential oil bottles

1. Type of the bottle

I. Boston Bottle: the choicest container for storing drugs and tinctures in pharmaceuticals, Boston bottles are known for their versatility. It can take on a variety of closures which is quite an important factor when dealing with essential oils. It is also the perfect bottle in case you are planning to export your oil. We offer them in a variety of sizes. But, we think the 30 ml Boston from Raja Tl is a perfect choice.

II. Vial: With Minimum Risk Of Breakage, The Vial Has Emerged As One Of The Most Widely Used Containers To Store Essential Oil. Its Minuscule Nature Makes It A Convenient Vehicle To Deliver Sample Sizes Or Testers Of Your Product. Our Tiniest Vial Can Hold 10 Ml Of Product – A Perfect Tester Container!

III. Dropper: If Your Brand Is Trying To Cater To The Young Audience Obsessed With Beauty Gurus Dripping Oil On Their Face, Then Raja Tl’s Dropper Bottle Is Your Go-To. Besides That, Dropper Bottles Are Also A Great Option For Delivering Essential Oils Which Are Commonly Used In Diffusers Or Recipes Like Lavender, Peppermint, And Likes. It Makes Controlling The Quantity Of Oil Used Very Easy For Your Consumers.

2. The material of the bottle

There Is Nothing That Can Beat Amber Glass When It Comes To Packaging Essential Oils.

Esteemed Glass Bottles Supplier Trust This Versatile Material For Essential Oils For The Following Reasons –

  • The Amber-Tinted Glass Protects The Contents From UV Damage.
  • Glass Is Manufactured From Naturally Derived Ingredients Like Sand Which Aligns Well With The Brand Identity Of Most Essential Oil Manufacturers.
  • It Is Chemically Stable So There Is No Risk Of Leaching Chemicals Into The Oil From Its Packaging.
  • It Is Eco-Friendly.
  • It Is Easy On The Pocket Of The Manufacturer.

3. Closure

There Are Two Commonly Used Closures For Essential Oils –

I. Orifice Reducer: An Orifice Reducer Inhibits The Flow Of Oxygen To A Great Extent Which Extends The Shelf Life Of The Essential Oil. It Also Helps In Controlling The Quantity And Flow Of The Oil While Minimizing The Risk Of Accidental Spillage.

II. Rollerball Cap: Essential Oils Meant For Cosmetic Use Over The Skin Can Benefit From A Roller-Ball Cap. It Makes Application Convenient And Even Therapeutic For A Lot Of Consumers.

As A Leading Glass Bottle Manufacturers, We At Raja Tl, Have The Expertise And Technology It Takes To Deliver You The Best Bottling Solution For Your Essential Oils.


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