What makes Amber Glass bottles a winner in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

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What makes Amber Glass bottles a winner in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Concocting a worthwhile drug is only half the battle won. The rest depends on the pharmaceutical containers that hold the product.

In the pharmaceuticals realm, packaging of a product does a lot more than serving as a humble storage container. Medical grade packaging plays a significant role in –

  • Protecting and maintaining the physical and chemical integrity of the drug
  • Shielding the drug from environmental factors and external influence
  • Serving important information about the contents
  • Carrying the identification code of the product

The significance of Amber glass bottles

Amber glass bottles are the choicest packaging option for oral liquid drugs and sometimes even for pills. The following reasons have pushed amber glass bottles to its current fame.

1. Photoprotection of the drug: the stability of a drug can get highly impacted by light, especially, UV and visible light. Measurement of light transmission characteristics of glass and plastic bottles have revealed amber glass bottle as the clear winner. The uniform thickness of our bottles also plays a vital role in shielding the drug from photochemical degradation.

2. Chemical stability: glass is usually forged out of sand, soda ash and limestone. The resultant product is chemically stable and does not pose the danger of leeching chemicals into its contents unlike materials like plastic.

3. Eco-friendly: with the upsurge in pollution and plastic awareness, it makes sense that most brands are diverting their attention towards eco-friendly alternatives. Glass being completely recyclable, has rightly become the go to for most pharmaceuticals manufacturer. Moreover, glass bottles can be used over and over again with a proper cleaning and disinfecting process in line.

4. Versatile: glass can be moulded into a plethora of shapes which makes it possible for us to create an extensive variety of packaging products that can fit the different needs of each drug manufactured.

Types of Amber Glass Bottles

1. Dry syrup:

Dry syrups calls for a packaging which not only protects the active ingredients from photo-damage but also moisture damage. Packaging is usually air tight to keep the contents protected from the impact of humidity.

2. Wide Mouth Bottles:

They are widely used for storing solid dosage forms like powder, capsules, and tablets. Often, silica-gel bags stored along with the drugs inside the bottle to absorb excess moisture intrusion.

3. Dropper bottles:

These bottles come with a pipette to dispense small dosages ofliquid drugs meant for oral, ear, eye and hair applications.

4. Vials:

Vials are most commonly used for collecting samples and storing small dosages of drugs meant for quick consumption.

5. Boston bottles:

Boston bottle are a standard cylindrical bottle which can hold a variety of solid and liquid drugs and is, especially, used for international exports.

We manufacture and Supply Empty Amber Glass dropper bottles following strict guidelines and precaution to deliver you the best storage and care for your drug. Whatever be you packaging need, we are here to satiate it swiftly at the best rate possible.


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