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Empty Amber Glass Bottles

Ethically Amber Glass Bottles are a must for Pharmaceutical Packaging. Amber Glass Bottles protect light sensitive raw materials from direct sunlight. It also restricts the rise in temperature due to the surrounding environmental conditions & thus keeping the composition & contents intact while increasing the shelf life for safe human consumption.

Aluminium Ropp Caps

Made out of Plain Aluminum Sheets of different thickness & fitted with EPE liners, these caps find its use in sealing Glass/Plastic Bottles for prevention of pilferage. This ensures non-tampering of a product. The caps can also be customised with your logo.
Customized Aluminum ROPP Caps are sure to make your design stand out. Available in all standard sizes & a variety of colours, designed to enhance the appearance of any bottle.

Measuring Cups

We manufacture Measuring Cups of various sizes along with different volume marking & colours, inhouse. These Measuring Cups are manufactured using our own top-quality moulds & highly efficient moulding machine.
Measuring Cups with locking grooves, made of Polypropylene are used as a measuring device for liquid Syrups. These cups can also be embossed with logo for branding.  

Dropper Assembly Sets

Dropper Assembly sets are available in different sizes & colours along with volume marking. These droppers are sealed individually or in bulk packing. Available in all the standard cap sizes, they go hand in hand with our Dropper Bottles. 

Printed Cartons & Labels

Empty Printed Cartons used as the final packaging for Syrup Bottles, Tablets, Capsules & Injectables. Available in various GSM qualities.  

Aluminium Foils

Aluminium Foil used for packaging tablet & capsule strips. These are available in plain & printed form with various thickness options.  

Collapsible Tubes

Collapsible Tubes, also known as squeeze tubes used to package pharmaceutical creams or ointments. 

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